About Us

AyBul management, translation, consulting and services Inc. was founded in Antalya, which is the capital of tourism. A.Az

Our company, offering translation services from Turkish into all known languages and vice versa, offers its services for foreigners visiting our country and want to overcome the emerging difficulties here, but on the other hand also assist investors with their dealings in a foreign country, both with translations as well as advice. With our services, we provide a wide range of products , which contributes to the country’s tourism and the country’s economic added value.

Medical translations, judicial translations, technical translations, translation as printing woks on commodities, simultaneous translations and notarized translations as services to meet your needs. These are our three basic codes of practice

  1. Fulfillment of the right to accurate and reliable translations.
  2. Fulfillment of the right to deliver in due time.
  3. Fulfillment of services at affordable prices.

For your inquiries to our company, which uncompromisingly follows these principles and thus increases its customer satisfaction, please contact info@aybultercume.com

Adres: MehmetAi??ik Mah. Termessos Cad. Ai??dea Ai??AY Merkezi No.4 K.3 D.8 MuratpaAYa /ANTALYA T: 0 242 323 98 88 / F: 0 242 324 47 77 Gsm:05393647165 ai??i?? 05338737922

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